Vendors/Dealers Room & Fan Tables

Vendors/Dealers Room for #FarpointCon2019 are now sold out! Below is a list of vendors who will be setup at our 2019 event.  Many of them offer commissions, so feel free to contact them ahead of time about something to be picked up at the show. Please contact our Table Coordinator, Laura Inglis, if you have any questions.

Below the dealers who will be at Farpoint 2019:

Alchemy Arms
Andrew Higgins
Bob Bretz
BRobertson Pottery
CDH Creations
Danielle Ackley-McPhail
David Harten Watson
Elise’s Pieces
Ed’s Art World of Fantasy and Horror
Jay Saunders
It’s In My Crochet Closet
Kim Headlee
Kim Leaton
Lady Heather’s Fashions
La Wren’s Nest
Laura Inglis Illustration
Mark Redfield Art
Mark Redfield Audio
Martha’s Mugs
Michael D’Ambrosio
Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Con
NIghtshade Industries
NonSport Cards and Comics
+2 Charisma  
Raven’s Own
Retro Daddio  
Richard Sands
Shawn McLain
ShaHuskies Illustration
Spiker Shells and Shiny Things
Sun Dame
The Collective
Thru Sherri’s Eyes
The Vintage Punk Jewelry 
Walt’s Cards
W.L. Swarts
Wonderland Jewelry
Yakovlev Art

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