Gaming Oasis/ Hal’s Place

The place to go when you need a break from the convention; an alternative universe within an alternative universe!

Looking for a challenge? Pit your wits against others in a battle in the game room, called “Hal’s Place” in honor of the late Hal Haag, avid supporter of gaming at Farpoint over the years.

And not just any games, hot new ones, fresh from the creators workshops, some so sizzling that the shrinkwrap is still clinging to the pieces. And some so good that it is puzzle just to find them!

Drop in for a quick round of simple classic games of cards like Uno, Phase 10 or Fluxx, or go for a rail building boardgame and make a bid for a monopoly on the trading market, or dare to command in a take-no-prisoners win in Risk. All types of games to try, cards, board games, role playing or war. Some familiar, some unique and some you are going to want to play over and over again until you win.

Announcing the 3rd Annual (Hopefully) Gaming Oasis Miniature & Model Painting Competition.
Bring your best painted model or miniature to the Gaming Oasis any time over the weekend to be judged on Sunday at noon.  Awards will be given for best model/miniature in each skill level – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

The Gamer’s Flea Market will again be held in the Game Room during the convention weekend. Used games and supplies will be accepted for sale/swap throughout the weekend at $1.00 per item. Sales proceeds go to the individual seller. The selling fees will be donated to our charities.

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