Fannish Interests

Every year, we have enjoyed talks and workshops staged by members of our fan community. If you have an idea for a panel, workshop or presentation you’d like to share with our audience, please submit a Programming Application.

A highlight in the Fannish Interests track are the multiple demonstrations and workshops offered by our friends at Art Way Alliance! Here are their offerings from last convention – 

Pokemon Go & Draw: Art Battle Edition with Anna Richardson & Chelsea Auernheimer

Join AWA Artists as they show you how to draw some of your favorite Pokemon characters. From the original 151 to the new Sword and Shield starters, these artists know them all. Participants may even help the Artists create a battle scene that will show off the power of Pokemon!

Sketch Card Art & Design with Brad Hudson

Join Brad Hudson, artist and professor at University of Maryland, Eastern Shore to learn the how to create your own sketch card. Since 2015, Brad has created over 4,000 sketch cards for well known companies like Topps, Upper Deck, and Dynamite Comics. If anyone knows how to get your sketch cards noticed, it’s him.

The Art of Illustration with Kofi Jamal Simmons

Come create your own original character with random adjective, nouns, and verbs as your inspiration.  This brainstorming project is a great way to warm up before doing heavy drawing that can be done anywhere.

Writing for the World Around You and Beyond with Jordan Clark

DC Comics, Image, and self-published writer Jordan Clark teaches aspiring writers how to create unrealistic worlds that are completely believable.

BadSandwich Studios Drawing Challenge

BadSandwich is comprised of 3 Morgan State University students ready to show you how fast they can draw some of their favorite science fiction characters. After a few rounds of testing their sci-fi knowledge, join them at the drawing board and see if you can beat the clock too!

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