Live Performances

Farpoint is extremely proud to host many talented performers who put on comedic and dramatic performances at our con. Encouraging fans to BE part of the fun is what we’re all about, and these groups provide wonderful examples of what FANS can accomplish! For more information, please contact our Track Manager, Sharon VanBlarcom.

Farpoint’s  previous Live Performances guests have  included:

Boogie Knights,



Mark MacDicken,

Prometheus Radio Theatre
Sit back, relax, and even close your eyes! The pictures are all in your head, as we bring you a taste of SF Media the way it used to be — with a dash of today’s sensibilities. Prometheus’s “Arbiter Chronicles” and “Luxe Radio Theater” at Farpoint have guest starred George Takei, James Callis, Tim Russ, Melissa McBride and many others!

TA Chafin,

Vic’s Place with the Pack Ratz karaoke


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