Masquerade and Costuming Programming

Farpoint’s Masquerade is one of the highlights of the con! Novices and seasoned pros alike bring their original and recreation costumes to the stage in a feast for the senses and the funnybone! New costumers are always welcome to compete (don’t be shy!).

For more information about Masquerade, please contact our Masquerade Chair, Cindy Shockey .

*Please note: If you are planning to participate in the Masquerade, please have your audio on a USB drive.

Masquerade Rules & Regulations


Please note the following rules for Masquerade contestants. There will be no exceptions. Violation of these rules will result in disqualification of the contestant.

– You must be a registered member of the convention in order to compete in the Masquerade. You will be asked to show your badge when registering.

– The Masquerade Committee reserves the right to listen to any tapes or CDs submitted by contestants for objectionable content. Use of unapproved content may result in the disqualification of the contestant.

– Costumes and presentations must be rated PG-13 and under. There will be children present (and Muggles). This means no nudity – full, partial, or peeking. All “naughty bits” must be completely covered and costumers must take into account what could be exposed during movement. If you are unsure if your costume is in accordance with these guidelines please see the Masquerade Director for further questions.

– No inappropriate or unsafe behavior, explicit gestures, swearing, excessive violence, or sexual situations inappropriate for a PG-13 audience.

– No weapons of any type. Prop weapons and combat routines must be cleared by the Masquerade Director.

– Contestants will be disqualified if they are intoxicated at any point during the Masquerade.

General Information & Regulations

– Registration for the Masquerade opens at 10 a.m. on the Saturday on the convention. Registration is located in the Atrium along the right side on the room. Registration will close at 4 p.m. of the same day. Entries will not be accepted after 4 p.m. We apologize if this eliminates anyone, but in order to process entries on time we cannot accept late entries.

– There are five categories in the Masquerade: Young Fan (children ages newborn to 12), Science Fiction, Fantasy, Re-Creation Uniforms, and Champion’s Cup. Champion’s Cup is for costumers who have won two or more major awards (i.e., First Place in any category, Best in Show, Most Humorous, etc.) at any convention. If you are unsure of what category your costume should be entered in please ask for assistance from the Masquerade Staff.

– Masquerade and Workmanship forms can be taken away, filled out, and returned by someone else on your behalf.

– The release form must be signed by the contestant(s) in order to be entered in the Masquerade.

– In fairness to all costumers you are limited to one entry per competition. This does not affect Workmanship. Note that if you are a prop or extra body in another entry this must be cleared by the Masquerade Director.

– All tapes and CDs must be turned in by the close of the Masquerade Registration at 4 p.m. Please have the tape cued at the beginning of your selection. If using a CD please note the selection number and/or indicate that the CD was created on a CD burner, etc. All CDs and cassette tapes are tech checked from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. by Conventional Magic. If your source material is not compatible with Conventional Magic’s equipment we ask that you have a back up source for your entry available upon request.

– Time limit for entries is as follows: 60 seconds for an entry with one person, 30 seconds for each additional person in your entry. Maximum presentation time for a group presentation is three minutes. If you exceed your allotted entry time a penalty will be deducted from your final score. The penalty is one point per every ten seconds past your allotted entry time. Keep this in mind when planning your final presentation.

– There will NOT be a live microphone on stage. Please prepare presentations on tape and/or CD.

– The Masquerade Judges will be seated Stage Left, Down Stage. Please do not approach the Judges once you leave the stage unless they ask you to come to the table.

– The photo stage will be located in the Atrium directly across from the hotel’s main entrance. All photos will be taken in this area only. The Photo Stage Manager is an experienced costumer and will pose costumers accordingly. We ask that photographers remain in the pre-designated seating area and respect all requests from the Photo Stage Manager.

– The Masquerade Committee will not be responsible for personal belongings, purses, wallets, cameras, etc. Please arrange to leave these items in your room or have someone else hold them for you until you get off of the stage.

– The Green Room (Dulaney Valley Ballroom 2) is staffed by experienced costumers, Den Mommies and Daddies, and will provide refreshments, costume first aid kits, and last minute assistance before the Masquerade. Make-up repair kits are not available due to health & hygiene concerns. You will be assigned your entry number when you arrive and you will be given further instructions regarding Workmanship Judging. Please remember to collect any personal items from the Green Room as soon as the Masquerade ends.
– Farpoint’s Masquerade is a non-professional venture, not a Costumer’s Guild sanctioned or operated event.

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