Cosplay/Costuming Programming

CALLING ALL COSTUMERS AND COSPLAYERS – here is your chance to be part of our virtual Farpoint 2021 convention. We will be premiering our virtual 2021 Masquerade Costume Contest on Sunday, 2/22/21 via a video compilation of your entries! We hope to be receiving your entries and enjoying your talent and creativity to help our community connect online as we spend this time physically apart.

1. Prepare your costume and presentation as you would for an in-person entry at Farpoint. This means following all the in-place rules for your entry’s content and length. Refresh your memory on the rules via the link lower down on this page.

2. Video your costume and presentation, then submit your entry no later than 1/31/21 to us via this link! We can accept most common video and picture file formats.

PLEASE NOTE: Any music used must be in the Public Domain or a written release for its use in a Public Broadcast Medium must be submitted along with the entry,

Also, be aware that online algorithms can detect and flag logos, trademarks, and other copyrighted material in the background of your submission. Please try to remove, cover, or otherwise obscure such visual elements before sending in your submission.

All entries will be edited together into a video event that will be streamed online on Sunday 2/22/21. Questions can be directed to Brian Sarcinelli, Costuming/Cosplay Program Track Director.

Masquerade Costume Contest: Farpoint’s Masquerade is one of the highlights of the con! Novices and seasoned pros alike bring their original and recreation costumes to the stage in a feast for the senses and the funny bone! New costumers are always welcome to compete (don’t be shy!).

Sign up before Sunday, January 31!

For more information about our Costuming and Cosplay Programming, please send an email to our Cosplay Team.

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