WE ALWAYS NEED VOLUNTEERS — Give an hour or two of your time! Get a free FARP Fanatic t-shirt!

Farpoint wants You! Become a FARP FANATIC!

For more information or to volunteer, please contact our Volunteer coordinator, Jackie Green.

We currently have slots for:

Thursday Night Tech Crew Load-In. This consists of helping our Conventional Magic crew set up the convention space for sound, lights and video. We’ll need people for Thursday setup at6-10 PM, Saturday 6-8 PM, and Sunday 6-9 PM , all in the Ballroom.

– Art Show. This consists of assisting with the Art Auction on Sunday Morning.

– Badge Checkers. Shifts would be no more than an hour at a time. Stationed at the entrances to convention areas, it’s a great chance to people watch as you make sure convention badges are prominently displayed!


Sign up now by e-mail at volunteers@farpointcon.com or visit the FARP FANATIC table at the convention!


Become a FARP Fanatic!

Do you see all of the committee and staff at Farpoint? Well, WE ALL started out volunteering! Since we’re all still around , we must have had a good time, right? Being a volunteer is more than just putting in hours to get special perks (but they’re a nice bonus). Being a volunteer can also be very rewarding. You would be a part of what makes Farpoint successful and you’ll get an insider’s view of what it takes to put on a convention like Farpoint.

Farpoint has helper slots open. Sign up for a time slot, or two, or three, or TEN!! For every hour you ‘pull duty’ as a FARP FANATIC you will earn one raffle ticket for a drawing for a daily prize on Saturday and Sunday and possibly some other perks (including up front seating in the ballroom). So the more hours you help out, the more chances you’ll have to win. It is a way of Farpoint and FARP showing appreciation for your work.

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