Our dealers room has over 50 tables with vendors selling DVDs, photos, patches, autographs, comic books, trading cards, toys jewelry, handmade dragons, anime and much more. Below are just a few of our vendors who have websites and will be attending Farpoint 2013.

258 West Authentic
They finished 2012 with private signings with Matt Smith, Alex Kingston, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill and will have signed photos from all of them available for purchase at Farpoint. During the year they held private signings many other actors. Check their website to see what they currently have available.

3d Stuff
Based in Baltimore and New York City they provide 3D design services and sells custom 3d printed objects. They also sell 3d prints of our own designs. Things range from small jewelry pendants to large objects and cialis net doctor CAD designs.

Alchemy Arms
Makers of costumes and props, they will be featuring the following items at Farpoint in 2013: Green Battlestar Galactica BDU Costume, and Walking Dead King County Sherriff Dept Shirt and Ball Cap.

Belts and Chains
David is a chainmaille artist whose goal is generic cialis professional provide unique pieces never before introduced to the chainmaille community while maintaining the i use it contemporary demand for chainmaille art. David can even make chainmaille for stuffed animals! They will be show casing a new rainbow colored, scalemail flower at Farpoint.

Commissioned Credentials
Specializing in custom ID cards for individuals and businesses, they have a wide variety of novelty cards from pop culture to TV and film.

Constellation Books
Books, CDs and DVDs

Corefun Studios
We'll be showcasing our Player's Guide, Mission Controller's Guide, and Starter Kit for our new Solar Echoes role-playing game. Please let me know if you need any other information from me, or have any
questions. Thanks so much, we're really looking forward to the con!

Esoterica offers crystals, herbs, oils, incense, candles, statuary, jewelry, clothing, and much more. If it's spiritual, mystical, magickal or fantastical, they stock it.

Jonathan D. Allen, author
Jonathan is one of online generic cialis 100 mg several authors who will be set up in the dealers room this year. He'll be showcasing several of his books, including his newest release "Room 3".

Next Gen Collectible Toys
While they carry much more than just Star Trek toys, they will be showcasing Trek Ships this year! The below items are new and will be available for sale at Farpoint 2013. Quantities of some items are limited so make sure you stop by their booth early on Friday. You can view all of the below items (and more) on their website.

TNG All Good Things USS Enterprise 1701-D (previously sold out online store exclusive)
TNG USS Enterprise 1701-D (previously sold out)
Klingon Bird of Prey (new ship, just released this month!)
AGT Enterprise D
Enterprise D
Klingon Bird of Prey
Enterprise B
TOS Tricorder and Communicator 2-Pack
TOS Phaser and cialis order 5 mg Communicator 2-Pack
TOS Medical Tricorder

Nightshade Industries
From essential goggles to custom corsets, we offer a distinctive array of handcrafted accessories to recommended site add a fashionable flair to your Steampunk ensemble. In addition to our must-have items, we will also be offering Unique Items sure to please any Steampunk enthusiast.

Raven's Own
They will be debuting some special new chain maille items, as well as divination readings from their exclusive Kahina Stones.

Stitch's Loft
Makers of custom patches and costumes, they'll be showcasing a couple of items at Farpoint this year:

Stargate Tac Vests & (Screen Accurate) P-90 Harness

Sheppard & McKay Painting Replica (ONE OF KIND)



Farpoint 2013 Dealers Room Information and Rules


For a Dealer's Room Registration form, please click here

1. Tables are approximately 6 feet in length. Electricity is available with all tables. We recommend that you bring extension cords and other supplies to connect to the available outlets and secure the connections safely to avoid hazards such as tripping on generic viagra online canadian pharmacy a loose cord.

2. Table pricing is listed on the Farpoint Dealer Registration form. Each table comes with ONE convention membership. Additional individual badges are available and can be ordered at the same time tables are purchased. Please note that Farpoint requires that a NAME be provided for each person's badge; if the names are not provided when the Dealer registers they will be requested and added to only here the badges at the convention when the Dealer checks in.

3. Telephone lines are available upon request. Individual Dealers are responsible for paying the extra fee for the telephone line directly to the hotel. Phone line rates are set and levitra online without prescription collected by the hotel. The Dealer must indicate on the Registration form that they need a telephone line so that Farpoint can inform the hotel how many lines are required and where the lines will be needed.

4. Requests for specific table locations, including wall spaces, are accepted and Farpoint makes every effort to accommodate such requests. The downside of the central location of best prices for propecia our Dealers Room in the Atrium is that wall space is limited. Early registrants have the best chance for their requests to be granted; however, Farpoint makes NO GUARANTEE to any Dealer on the space they will receive in the Dealers Room setup. A room diagram can be made available upon request to Laura Inglis, Dealers Room Coordinator, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; please make sure that Farpoint Dealers room is buy levitra online us in the subject line.

5. Individual Dealers are NOT ALLOWED to make any changes to the room setup, including swapping tables, without express permission from the Farpoint Dealers Room Coordinator. Violation of this rule may result in the Dealer being asked to low cost canadian viagra leave the premises immediately.

6. If a Dealer wishes to sublet a portion of their table space or share their table space with another Dealer, they must inform the Farpoint Dealers Room Coordinator of this circumstance. Table sharing is NOT ALLOWED without permission. Violation of this rule may result in the Dealer being asked to leave the premises immediately.

7. Farpoint does not condone the sale of unlicensed products. In particular, we would like to remind photo dealers that Creation Entertainment holds the licenses for photos from many science fiction genre shows and movies. Please keep this in mind when ordering photos to sell at Farpoint.

8. Dealers' membership badges are numbered in sequence along with individual members' badges. Farpoint uses these badge numbers during autograph sessions for better control and efficiency during the session. Badge numbers will be announced in the Dealers Room during the session. Dealers should come to the autographing area when their badge number sequence is called. Dealers needing extra help (access issues, not able to leave their table for long periods, etc.) should discuss this ahead of time with the Farpoint Dealers Room Coordinator. Farpoint's normal autograph policy offers one autograph per badge, per guest, per day (Saturday and Sunday). Dealers purchasing more than one table will have one badge per table and can get one autograph per badge. Please note that this policy may differ from guest to guest, depending upon the individual agreement the buy propecia on line convention negotiates with each guest. Some guests may be signing for a fee only. Farpoint will make every effort to publicize this information in advance. Individual Dealers wanting multiple signatures from a guest must ask Farpoint Guest Relations for a referral to levitra mexico the guest's agent or designated convention contact to make these arrangements separately.

9. Dealers may begin setting up their displays on Friday at 8:00 am. Dealers Room operating hours are planned to be 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm Friday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Saturday, and 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Sunday. The Dealers Room will be secured at the end of each business day, and overnight security arranged by Farpoint will be provided on Friday and canadian drugs cialis Saturday nights. Individual Dealers wishing to set up Thursday evening may do so after 9:00 pm with the permission of genuine viagra free shipping the Farpoint Dealers Room Coordinator. Dealers setting up Thursday evening recognize that they are doing so AT THEIR OWN RISK. Farpoint does NOT provide overnight security on Thursday evening.

10. The Farpoint convention goes on it's cool regardless of weather conditions. Like any public exhibition, this means that memberships (including dealer memberships) are not refundable. However, if you feel that weather conditions preclude your safe travel to the convention, please contact our Dealers Room Coordinator as soon as possible. If we are able to re-sell your originally purchased dealer membership(s), your money can be refunded.

11. The convention is held in a hotel that does NOT allow pets, unless they are working service animals. This is a hotel policy that will be enforced.

12. Program book ads are available. Any Dealer interested in placing an ad in the Farpoint Program Book should contact Ethan Wilson, our Program Book editor at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Questions about these rules should be addressed to Laura Inglis, our Dealers Room Coordinator at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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