Ticket pre-sales for #FarpointCon2022 are available now through Eventbrite. Each attendee must have a badge when on the convention floor. Your pre-sale badge(s) will be picked up at the Registration Desk on the lower level of the hotel convention center by the escalator. Please note that like most live events, Farpoint Convention takes place regardless of the weather; thus tickets are not refundable. If you decide not to attend you may gift or re-sell your tickets privately with notice to us with the name of the purchaser. You may also be able to transfer your tickets to the next year upon request. Email us at for questions or to make changes after purchase.

Mail in registration with payment by check or money order is accepted by filling out the PDF registration form.


*Celebrity guests are not signing on Friday 2/25/2022
**Saturday after 7PM activities are part of the Saturday Only ticket. The after 7PM ticket is for people arriving in the evening for the Masquerade Costume Contest, evening panels and Ten Forward Dance
+Pre-registered attendees may add the Cocktail Party Food Buffet to their ticket at the door

ALL WEEKEND 3-day TICKETS includes 1 complimentary celebrity signature both Saturday & Sunday (2 total) on an item from attendee’s personal collection or con program book. If you are attending Saturday or Sunday only, you will receive 1 complimentary signature the day you attend. 

13 thoughts on “Register”

  1. Cyndi / Sharon –
    The Registration I just bought should be for Sandy Kratzer; I’m working the Game Room with Ann Lesnik and I’m supposed to have a staff rate badge (that I have to pay for Friday morning).


    Jim Kratzer

    1. Yes, indeed. The Register page on the website display the 2019 ticket prices – which are the same as the 2018 prices.

  2. I am very excited to attend Farpoint 2019! I went to the Registration page and the prices are listed but there is no checkout. Further search says the pre-registration closed January 31, 2017, over a year ago.

  3. Sorry! figured it out! after selection you have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the registration field to the gray register box. Whew! My year is not to a proper kick-off without Farpoint! You persons rock!

    1. Glad you were able to figure it out and we’ll look into making the page a bit more intuitive. Sorry you had issues but we’re very glad to have you join us again.

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