Rules and Policies

Convention Memberships:

1. Farpoint is a public event and will take place regardless of weather or travel conditions. Memberships are nonrefundable. Members may re-sell memberships privately, with notice to Farpoint of the registration name change.

2. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis in all programming rooms. There is disabled member and VIP (guests and staff) seating available in the ballroom. Please observe all reserved signs for these seats.

3. Purchase of a convention membership does not guarantee a guest’s autograph. Members are responsible for
attending the scheduled autograph session(s) to secure a guest’s autograph.

4. You must wear your Farpoint membership badge to gain admittance to all convention areas. Badges are non-transferable. Lost badges will be replaced for a $20.00 fee with proper photo identification.


1. Causing a disruption in any part of the hotel (rooms or convention areas) is grounds for expulsion without a refund from the convention.

2. All smoking is prohibited in the hotel (tobacco products, e-cigarettes and “vaping”). Members should use designated smoking areas outside the hotel.

3. Animals are not allowed in the hotel, except for service animals. The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) allows for trained service animals to accompany their matched partner in a place of business. Per the ADA, service animals are: (a) individually trained animals matched with a specific disabled person to perform assistance tasks for that person; and (b) working animals, not pets. The following animals are not considered service animals per the ADA and are not allowed in the hotel: (a) household pets; (b) animals
in training to be service animals who are not accompanying their matched partner; and (c) animals used for emotional support or easing anxiety. This rule also applies to Search and Rescue (SAR) animals in training. A SAR animal is trained in public at either organized training events or only after permission is granted by the owners of the public premises for the training to take place. The hotel will not grant such permission unless the public event is an SAR training event or demonstration, which Farpoint is not.


1. Farpoint is dedicated to providing a welcoming experience for all regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age or religion. We do not tolerate harassment of members in any form. Overtly sexual imagery and language is not appropriate except during events or panels specified as covering adult topics that are open only to members over 18 years of age. Members violating these rules may be expelled from Farpoint without a refund at the discretion of the co-chairs and/or committee.

2. Convention attendees are expected to follow Maryland’s Drug and Alcohol Abuse laws. The drinking age in Maryland is 21. Violation of these laws will result in immediate expulsion from the convention. Alcohol purchased in the hotel bar or restaurant may be brought into convention spaces. Outside purchase alcohol must be consumed in the privacy of the attendee’s room.

3. Parents are responsible for the behavior of their minor children. If a child is seen behaving in a disruptive manner or in a way that might cause harm to themselves or others, Farpoint reserves the right to ask that the parent accompany the child at all times when in convention areas.

4. Members should be aware that convention activities are often videotaped or photographed by other members
and the press. The photographer should ask for your permission prior to taping or photographing you at the convention. Members should be aware that they may appear in the background of someone else’s video or photo and are responsible for notifying the particular photographer if they do not wish to be included in the image.

5. Celebrity guests’ contracts may prohibit videotaping of their stage appearance. An announcement will be made from the stage prior to the celebrity’s appearance. Videotaping of other programming events is subject to the approval of the person(s) on stage.

6. Video and still cameras may not be used to capture images in the Art Show or Dealers Rooms.

7. Requesting a guest’s personal information is considered a privacy violation and is grounds for expulsion from the convention. Examples include a member asking a guest for their hotel room number, travel itinerary or other contact information that the guest considers private.

8. On-stage presentations of gifts or awards to or by any member or guest must be pre-approved by the Farpoint co-chairs. Making a presentation without this approval is grounds for expulsion from the convention.

9. No gunplay or swordplay is allowed at any time unless it is taking place at a demonstration event scheduled by the convention. All weapons must remain holstered or sheathed. Staff members may ask to inspect your weapon to verify it is a prop. When this happens, your weapon will be marked with a removable marker, such as a zip tie, to identify that the inspection has occurred. Items considered weapons include but are not limited to: paint ball or splatter guns; prop, blank or cap guns; laser tag guns; swords, lightsabers and similar articles with edges, blades and/or projectile capability. Laser target designators or laser pointers are not allowed in the  convention areas (except as used by guest speakers during a presentation) as they can cause injury if not used properly.

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