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FARPOINT FOUNDATION is the 501(c) 3 organization behind FARPOINT CONVENTION. Established in 2019, the Foundation’s mission is to promote the cultural and educational advancement of literary, graphical, musical and theatrical art forms inspired by science fiction, fantasy, comics, anime, horror and all realms of the imagination in the community at large. We provide informational and technical assistance to creators and fans of these art forms through discussion via the internet and social media, projects and activities in the community, and the annual Farpoint Convention where creators and fans can learn with and from each other.

FARPOINT CONVENTION, organized by the FARPOINT FOUNDATION, is an annual gathering for fans of all genres of imaginative fiction – Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, SuperHeroes – in all the media formats in which they might appear – Cinematic Movies, Television, Podcasts, Web Video – you name it, we want to celebrate it! Our mission is to bring fans together to learn from and support each other in their genre interests. You are an active participant in the Farpoint Convention experience to the extent you desire and are most comfortable with. It’s about community and coming together for spirited discussions about the things in fandom that we are so passionate about. It’s about geeking out as a fandom family over our favorite shows, books and movies, gaming and cosplaying and learning together.

The con was established in 1993, by a committee led by Beverly Volker and Steven Wilson. Our focus is on Fandom and all who comprise it, to encourage, to educate, and to enable our fellow fans in their lives and pursuits. So, while we certainly bring in some exciting professionals from the industries which bring imagination into the mainstream, our real goal is to give you the opportunity to meet others like yourself, to forge friendships, and to develop your own creative gifts.

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