The adventures of our mascot, FARP, are pictured on our program book covers – are you the one who will show us what he’s been up to?

We’re looking for a new artist to create those covers and versions of FARP to use on Farpoint signage.

Please submit no less than three (3) pieces of FARP art for consideration. Two (2) should be for general signage or departmental uses with FARP representing con activities, participating in events, or as an all-purpose logo. These pieces should be publication ready.  One (1) should be a rough layout for the 2021 program cover. The actual cover will include the Farpoint logo and year at the top so be mindful of that space restriction.

  • Formats accepted: tiff, jpg, png
  • FARPs: 300 dpi
  • Cover: 8.5″ x 11″

Send submissions to Submissions due by Tuesday, December 1, 2020. Please include a number for text/phone contact.

A printable lookbook (4.7MB, PDF) can be downloaded here.

FARP has no set color scheme and his accessories and proportions are highly variable. He is cheerful, playful, friendly, and inclusive. Above all, he expresses delight and wonder in everything he does. FARP encapsulates the spirit of Farpoint and invites everyone to join him at the con.

FARP was created by Todd Brugmans and given to Farpoint to use at will, including express permission to solicit other artistic interpretations

Baltimore, Maryland

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