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Our list of #FarpointCon2023 author guest list can be found below and will be continuously updated as invitations are accepted. You will be able to meet our author guests throughout the convention, at book signings, after panels and at their tables in our Dealers Room and/or the Round Robin Autograph Tables. They are also available after panels to continue a discussion or sign your book. Bookmark this page, follow us on Facebook (Farpoint Convention), Instagram (@FarpointFoundation) and Twitter (@FarpointCon) to receive updates as they are published.

FARPOINT 2023 Author Guests as of 11/13/22:
Zack Be                                                          MJ Blehart
Russ Colchamiro                                      Mary Fan
Phil Giunta                                                   Bob Greenberger
Kim Headlee                                               Heather Hutsell
Steven W. Kozeniewski                       Jennifer Povey
Aaron Rosenberg                                    Bryan “Kaiser” Tillman
Howard Weinstein                                 Gregory Wilson
Steven H. Wilson                                     Diane Lee Baron
Alan Smale                                                  Jay Smith  
J.L. Gribble                                                  Jonathan Roth
Sherri Cook Woosley                           Michael Jan Friedman
Danielle Ackley-McPhail                  Mike McPhail
Glenn Hauman                                         Keith R.A. DeCandido
Scott Rohrbach                                        Josh Pritchett
Rigel Ailur                                                   Christopher D. Ochs
Christopher D. Abbott                        Arrow J. Knight

Our #FarpointCon2023 Authors track will cover all aspects of the writing and reading experience. Writers from novice to professional levels are welcome as are all lovers of books and stories to learn about the art of writing and share their love of literature.

Books and Authors Events for #FarpointCon2023 will include:

Discussions and Presentations – There will be a full slate of interactive panel discussions with and readings by our author guests. Whether you are a writer, a reader or both there will be information and laughs to share on the wonderful world of fiction. Panel topics and times will be officially announced and published approximately 2 weeks before the convention.

Author Signings – We will be spotlighting our writer guests in our autograph area with a special area set aside for author meet and greets and signings throughout the weekend. Times will be published in the convention schedule. 

Farpoint Convention is proud of our history of providing excellent programming for writers and readers. Come join us for literary fun and friends!

4 thoughts on “Author Programming and Guests”

  1. I regret that I will be unable to attend Farpoint 2020.
    However, I am looking forward to going again in 2021 and being an author panelist, as well as a vendor. By then, I will have a couple more books out, including the cli-fi anthology I’m editing and publishing this year (with all profits going to environmental charities), Terraforming Earth for Aliens (see for details, although the anthology is now closed for submissions).

    David Harten Watson

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